Who We Are

Last Updated: 5/31/2022 12:46 PM

The Academy is a school that provides an alternative pathway for students to graduate through a variety of programs.  We are also a contracted day treatment program in conjunction with the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).  Our facility is located within the Franklin County School System and the education is provided by FCS staff.  This facility provides treatment and education for students in 7th thru 12th grades, with an age limit of 18.  All students at the Academy follow the state's minimum graduation requirement.  Students must meet all of Kentucky's mandated courses for graduation. The Academy is on the same schedule as the Franklin County School System with the exception of additional days in the summer.


Local transportation is provided for students by FCS. Students are transported from the two Franklin County High Schools to the Academy .  Students are assigned to the Academy by referrals from courts, CDW's,  and middle and high school referrals.  


We Are A Trauma Sensitive School. 

      The Academy is a therapeutic, trauma informed setting where the priority of every student's success is promoted through individualization to meet their  academic and social-emotional needs.



Quick facts about the Academy:

  • 22 credits to graduate
  • There is a formal graduation (just prior to other high schools at the end of the school year)
  • Students attend until requirements are met
  • Transportation is provided
  • Students receive a standard high school diploma upon completion



Sarah Vivian, Principal

Jerrie Gunn, Secretary

Dena Hamblin, School Social Worker/Counselor

Tierelee Logan, Teacher

Michael Newell,  Teacher 

Nathan Yandell,  Teacher

Michael Gearhart, Teacher

Erin Ford, Instructional Aide

Gemyni Turner- Instructional Aide

Tonya Dailey, Custodian

Michael Black, School Resource Officer


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