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School Bus Routes


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Bus Routes

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Please note that times are approximate. Students are expected to be at the designated bus stop 10 minutes prior to the stop time. If your address cannot be found, please call 502-695-6707.

Bus Danger Zones

While school buses are the safest form of transportation for students, students must use caution when entering or exiting a bus. To ensure we keep our students safe, we ask that each parent, grandparent, relative, guardian and loved one take a few minutes to review the following steps with their students:

  1. All areas close to the bus are Danger Zones. Students should NEVER go into these zones except when loading and unloading. Students should wait at least 10 feet from the curb and not approach the bus until it comes to a complete stop and the door is opened.
  2. Students should arrive at their bus stop at least five (5) minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  3. There should be NO horseplay, pushing, shoving or running when the bus is arriving, waiting or leaving.
  4. Students should NEVER pick up anything dropped near the wheels, under the bus or in front of the bus. If something is dropped, the driver should be told and the student will be given instructions on what to do.
  5. Students should NEVER run after the bus and NEVER bang on the side of the bus.
  6. Students must walk 10 feet straight away from the bus when they exit, and then turn in the direction they wish to go.
  7. Students who cross the street must walk 10 steps ahead of the bus before turning to cross. The student is not to cross the street until the driver gives them an “OKAY” signal that it is safe to cross. Students should still look left and right before crossing.
  8. Parents should look for and remove strings hanging off of students’ jackets and backpacks.
  9. When on the bus, students should remain seated, face forward and talk softly.
  10. There is to be no eating, drinking, dipping or smoking on the bus. E-cigarettes are not to be used.
  11. The bus driver is in charge at all times and will assign seats.

As a reminder to those that drive the roads of Franklin County, when you see a school bus you must assume a student is near and take extra caution.

STOP means STOP!

Students are going back to school following the holiday break. Remember: STOP means STOP! Watch the proper way to stop for a school bus, and what NOT to do. Learn more at

Did you know that the greatest risk to a child isn’t riding a bus, but approaching or leaving one. STOP means STOP! As you’ll see in this video, it’s just not a bus you’re stopping for, it’s a bus full of students.

Case, Tonya
Assistant Director of Transportation

McKinney, Brad
Transportation Director

Penn, Dale
Mechanic Supervisor

Ashley Baron
Transportation Secretary

Sherry Boarman
Field Trip Coordinator



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      Find your bus # and pick-up/drop-off times if you live on the WEST SIDE of town by searching for your street name.
      Find your bus # and pick-up/drop-off times if your child attends the EARLY LEARNING VILLAGE by searching for your street name.
      Find your bus # and pick-up/drop-off times if your child attends the EAST SIDE of town by searching for your street name.