ELV Library

Welcome to the Early Learning Village Library!



Emily Siemens

Library Media Specialist


I have been a special educator for over 16 years and have been with ELV since it was established.  I am excited for this new adventure!  

For the first nine weeks of school, students will learn the rules and routines of the library.  They will have the opportunity to check out many books from the library by following the steps for selecting a "Just Right" book and learning to use a shelf marker.  Students will learn the roles of both the author and illustrator.  They will also learn the parts of a book, the basic parts of a computer, and how to use a mouse.  

During the second nine weeks of school, students will learn to ask and answer questions about key details in the stories we read.  They will learn to identify story elements (i.e. characters, setting, problem, solution, etc.).  They will also begin to respond to text through their writing.

Throughout the third nine weeks of school, students will describe connections within a text between people, events, ideas and information.  They will retell stories in order and continue to learn to respond to texts through their writing.

Finally, in the fourth nine weeks of school, students will continue to develop the skill of retelling stories.  They will learn to compare and contrast characters within a story as well as to compare and contrast two texts on the same topic.  

Throughout the school year, students will also take part in various author studies.  Our first author study is centered on Mo Willems, author and illustrator of the Elephant and Piggy stories and Pigeon stories.  

As you can see, our young students will be learning so much this year in library.  Most importantly, it is my mission to ensure that all students develop a love of reading and learning!