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Preschool Screenings

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Stella Pollard

Click here for more information regarding preschool screenings.

Franklin County Schools


The preschool screening is a free service for parents who would like to find out if their child is eligible for public school preschool. Also if their child is eligible for Response to Intervention which determines eligibility for the preschool class. Each screening will take approximately 60 minutes and will provide information about a child’s development in social, adaptive, language, cognitive and motor skills.


Who? 3 and 4 year old children

How? Call FCS at (502)695-6700 or schedule your appointment using the QRcode.    



QR Code for signing up for prek screenings


August 18, 2023               Early Learning Village

September 1, 2023           Early Learning Village

December 1, 2023           Early Learning Village