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Parent Resource Involvement Center

Are you looking for support, feel isolated, and just don't know where to turn?

You are in luck! The Franklin County Schools' Parent Resource Involvement Coordinator

wants to help. 


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Tammy Baker
200 Laralan Avenue, Frankfort, KY 40601
Suite 404

Parent Resource Involvement Center 

The Parent Resource Involvement Center is housed inside the Early Learning Village.  It is open to all families in the Franklin County School District that have students serviced under the special education umbrella.  Family members, staff and friends of children with disabilities that are interested in learning how to use resources and strategies to enrich the lives of the children you interact with, are welcome to join us during our monthly trainings.  If you have questions or would like to set an appointment to visit the PRC please reach out. 

Continue to scroll down to see our training dates and to learn the current month's topic as well as our location to attend in-person or the link to join our training via Google meet. 


 Training Dates:

Parent Resource/Involvement Center

 Upcoming Training Information

We will meet on the 4th Tuesday of most months:

Sept. 26th---Oct. 24th---Nov. 16th---Dec. 12th---Jan. 23rd---Feb. 27th---Mar. 26th

Apr. 23rd---May---14th


Looking for a fun way to teach your child or yourself how to say your name? Watch the video below together as the Parent Resource Coordinator shows you how to use American Sign Language to finger spell your name.