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Primary Talent Pool

Primary Talent Pool means a group of primary students informally selected as having characteristics and behaviors of a high potential learner and further diagnosed using a series of informal and formal measures to determine differentiated

service delivery needs during their stay in the primary program. (9704 KAR 3:285) Multiple criteria are considered and evidence gathered in the evaluation of each student, which requires adequate time to represent each child thoroughly.

1. Nominations for Primary Talent Pool (PTP) may occur throughout the Primary years (Grades K-3). Parents, teachers, other school personnel may nominate students in the specific areas where the student shows strength. Nomination forms may be obtained from the gifted and talented coordinator or gifted resource teacher.

In the primary program, formal, normed measures MAY be used for diagnosing the level of instructional service needed by a student and for evaluation of student progress. Data from formal, normed measures SHALL NOT be used for the purpose of eliminating eligibility for services to a child in the primary program but MAY be used to discover and include eligible students overlooked by informal assessment. KAR 3:285 Section 7

2. To be included in the Primary Talent Pool a student shall have at least three (3) pieces of evidence that reflect strengths and/or potential in each specific area(s) of giftedness. Evidence may include the following:

  • Formal test data (MAP Data, IReady Data, etc.)

  • Checklist inventories of behaviors specific to category

  • Continuous Progress Data

  • Parent interview or questionnaire

  • Anecdotal records

  • Collection of evidence demonstrating student performance

  • Diagnostic Data (DRA, running records, etc.)

  • Petition System

Services: (KAR 3:285 Section 6, #2)

For a student in a primary program, services SHALL be provided within the framework of primary program requirements and SHALL allow for continuous progress through a differentiated curriculum and flexible grouping and regrouping based on the individual needs, interests, and abilities of the student.

Primary students will receive services through their classroom teacher and through a consultative effort on the part of the Gifted teacher. Consultation means the teacher may provide instructional information and materials to the primary teacher so that the classroom teacher may provide appropriate and adequate services to the informally identified student in the regular classroom setting.

Students exit Primary Talent Pool at the end of their third (3rd) grade year. Formal identification means a process by which a student in grades four (4) through twelve (12) is identified and diagnosed as having gifted characteristics and behaviors using a balanced combination of criteria specific to a category of giftedness - intellectual aptitude, specific academic aptitude, creativity, leadership, or visual and performing arts, by which a student may be determined eligible for various levels of services in each category in which the student meets criteria.

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