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English Language Services


Franklin County Schools English Language (EL) Program

Franklin County Schools English Language (EL) program is one that provides instructional support for children who are learning English. The purpose of our EL program is to ensure “children who are limited English proficient, including immigrant children and youth, attain English Language proficiency, develop high levels of academic attainment in English, and meet the same challenging state academic content and student academic achievement standards as all children are expected to meet”. (ESEA Part A, Section 3102).

The staff of the Franklin County Schools believe that all children should be held to high academic expectations, and that all children should participate in the general education program to the maximum extent of his/her abilities with appropriate support. It is in the general classroom setting with English speaking peers that students learning English will be the most motivated to communicate ideas and knowledge.

Each student identified as an EL student will have an individual plan written with his/her specific strengths and weaknesses in mind. EL students shall continue to have equal access to district programs, including but not limited to gifted and talented, special education and other nonacademic/extracurricular activities. Although parents are encouraged to allow their children to participate, the program is not mandatory.

The EL Program is designed to provide English language learners with the English language competencies needed to participate successfully in grade-appropriate instructional activities in challenging academic subjects.


Kimberly Young, English Language Program Coordinator

District: Franklin County Schools


Xenia Palma Hernandez; EL Teacher

Martha Herrera; EL Instructional Aide

Schools: Franklin County High School, William Cofield High School, The Academy


Hollie Craddock; EL Teacher

Daysi Escobar; EL Instructional Aide

Schools: Elkhorn Middle School, Future Forward Education and Career Center, Elkhorn Elementary School


Sara Roberts, EL Instructional Aide

Sonia Romero; EL Instructional Aide

School: Hearn Elementary and Westridge Elementary


Robin Hall, EL Instructional Aide

Schools: Collins Lane Elementary  


Charlene Myles, EL Teacher

Nikki Vasquez; EL Instructional Aide

Schools: Bridgeport Elementary, Bondurant Middle, Western Hills High School


Katie Escobar; EL Instructional Aide

Schools:  Early Learning Village and Peaks Mill Elementary