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School Hours:  7:40 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.


200 Laralan Avenue

Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Phone: 502-352-2585

Fax: 502-352-2586

Principal: Mr. Nick Barton nick.barton@franklin.kyschools.us

Assistant Principal: Matosha Thacker matosha.thacker@franklin.kyschools.us 

School Secretary: Melissa Queen melissa.queen@franklin.kyschools.us  

Family Resource Coordinator: Latisa Spradlin latisa.spradlin@franklin.kyschools.us

School Counselor: Jamie Clark jamie.clark@franklin.kyschools.us

Bookkeeper: Ellen Costigan Ellen.costigan@franklin.kyschools.us 

ASP: Yvette Collins yvette.collins@franklin.kyschools.us 



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Barton's Banter


Dear ELV Parents,


We are so excited to get the 2021-2022 school year under way!  We just wanted to give you a little information to get started!  We will be giving you guidance regarding routines and procedures here at The Early Learning Village. 


School will begin at 7:40 and end at 2:30.  Students can be dropped off at school beginning at 7:15 each morning.


Back to School Bash

  • The Back to School Bash will be on August 10, 2021 from 5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m. for all ELV students

  • All School Supplies will be provided for your child by ELV.  The only thing we ask of you is to get a backpack.  If you need assistance with getting a backpack please contact ELV and we will take care of you. (Please no rolling backpacks)

  • We are asking that you please donate hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes to your child’s classroom.  These items were limited when ordered so any donations would be very much appreciated.

  • We will have the following stations available for parents to visit and get any information they may need:

    • Bus Transportation (Gym)

    • Car Rider Tags (Gym)

    • After School Program (Art Room) 

    • Family Resource Center (Front Foyer)

    • PTO sign ups (Library)

    • Title 1 (Front Foyer)

    • Cub Scouts (Front Foyer)

  • Please enter through the front entrance of ELV.  You will report to your child’s classroom first and then you can go around to the different stations and get all the information you may need.  There will be people in the front foyer to direct you to your classrooms.

  • Masks will be optional during back to school bash.  We ask that if you have symptoms or feel sick that you please stay home and we can reschedule a time for you to come in and meet the teacher and other staff.  If you have not been vaccinated we ask that you wear a mask to protect others within the building.


First Day Of School

  • The first day of school is August 12, 2021.  We will be limiting the number of people who enter our building again this year.  We are informing all parents they will be unable to walk their student into the school on the first day and any day thereafter.  We understand that this is probably their first experience with coming to school, however if you attend the back to school bash you will get a chance to see our school, become familiar with their surroundings and meet their teachers.  We want you to feel comfortable that all of our staff here at ELV will make sure your child is safe and taken care of.  


Car Rider Line - Morning Drop Off

Please have your child ready to exit the car when you pull up to drop them off.  Once you enter the car rider line we ask that the following take place to ensure our line moves at an efficient pace: 


  • Please have your child unbuckled.  Please DO NOT get out of your car to unbuckle your child.  If you are unable to get them unbuckled prior to pulling up a staff member can assist with this.

  • Please make sure to give hugs and kisses prior to staff opening the car door.

  • Please make sure your child has their backpack on and is ready to go.

  • Please make sure to pull up as far as you can to ensure our line does not get backed up (staff will be out front to direct you).

  • Please do not pass other vehicles who may be waiting in line.  It is dark and difficult to see at times and we want to keep everyone safe.  Please wait till the line moves before trying to proceed.

  • Please have your child in the passenger side seat in the back (or front if waiting).  This will ensure they get out on the sidewalk and not in the road. 

  • If your child is having a rough morning and is refusing to get out of the car or there is an issue getting them out of the car we will ask you to park in the lot and a staff member will come and assist the parent/guardian.

  • Please limit questions to staff during student drop-off and pick-up times.  This will ensure the line runs efficiently and again prevent any back-ups from happening.  If you have questions please feel free to call the office or reach out to your teacher.

  • If you are dropping off large items for your child or your child’s classroom at anytime we ask that you park in the parking lot and assist in bringing those items to the front door.  Once at the front door staff can then assist the rest of the way.

  • Please DO NOT stop for people trying to cross the road.  We will pull all cars up first then as students get out of their cars people can cross the road.  We understand you are being polite and we appreciate that but we want to make sure our line runs smoothly.


Car Rider Line - Afternoon Pick Up

Please be patient with us during the first week of school as we work out all the kinks and get to know who will be picking children up regularly and their numbers.  Below are some guidelines we would like for you to follow when picking up your child from school:


  • All parents/guardians or other individuals who will be picking up a child will need to have a car rider sticker visible in their windows (preferably in the top corner on the passenger side of the vehicle).  You can get these stickers at the back to school bash.  If we do not see a sticker we will ask for ID from the person picking up the student.  If that person is NOT on the list of people who can pick up the child the child will NOT be allowed to go with that person and parents/guardians will be notified.  Please understand we do this for the safety of all of our students.  It is not intended to cause inconveniences to anyone.  So please be advised that if you want certain people to pick up your child (other than those with a sticker) you will need to contact the front office prior to school beginning on August 12 and notify them so you can add them to the list.  ELV will provide you with 4 stickers at no cost to you.  If there is a need for additional stickers after our back to school bash you can contact our Dean of Students, Mrs. Thacker, and she can assist you with this.  Any additional stickers will have a fee attached.  It could take up to a week to get the extra stickers once you have ordered them.

  • If you are picking up multiple students please make sure all stickers are visible so staff can properly identify all students who should be in that car.

  • Please make sure to pull up as far as possible to keep our line from backing up to Versailles Road.  In the afternoon the line can get long so the more room we have for cars the better.

  • Again, Please DO NOT stop for people trying to cross the road.  We will pull all cars up first then as students get into their cars people can cross the road.  We understand you are being polite and we appreciate that but we want to make sure our line runs smoothly.

  • Again, Please do not pass other vehicles who may be waiting in line.  Please wait till the line moves before trying to proceed.

  • Please DO NOT get out of your car to buckle up your child in the car line.  If your child needs assistance getting buckled in their seats, please pull up out of line or park and then proceed to buckle your child in their seat.  Again, this helps the line to run efficiently and prevents cars from backing up and frustration from other drivers who may need to get to other schools to pick up other students.


Transportation Changes (Car or Bus)

  • If you have any transportation changes throughout a school day, please follow one of  these procedures:

    • Place a note in your child’s folder and the teacher will deliver the note to the front office.  Please make sure there is a parent/guardian signature to confirm the change.

    • Email Melissa Queen at melissa.queen@franklin.kyschools.us prior to 2:00 p.m. on day of the change.  Please DO NOT try to notify your child’s teacher.  Their day is very busy and they may not check emails till the end of the day at which time it would be too late.  

    • If there is an emergency please call the school and ask to speak with Mrs. Queen.  She will gather information and then contact Mr. Barton (Principal) or Mrs. Thacker (Dean of Students) at which time a decision will be made on how to proceed.

    • Unfortunately there will be no more bus transportation changes allowed due to COVID and contact tracing.  Students can only ride to their current residents or a predetermined baby sitter.  No bus changes can be made prior to or throughout the day.



All breakfast and lunches are free to all students.  No money is needed unless they want extra milk.  If your child has any food allergies please notify your child’s teacher who will then relay that information to our food service director to ensure proper precautions are taken.


Family Resource Center

If you and/or your family needs assistance in any way, please contact Latisa Spradlin, our FRC coordinator at latisa.spradlin@franklin.kyschools.us  She will either directly assist you or put you in contact with someone who can.