Principal's Message

Last Updated: 5/21/2020 7:38 PM

It is indeed a privilege to serve the students of Franklin County by providing them the opportunity to study a career of interest. Our staff, being certified in each career area as an experienced trained professional, is able to provide each student with sound training which will lead them to be industry certified. The goal is to train each student to be self-sufficient and possess the essential skills necessary to make a seamless transition to college and/or the world of work. Our reputation is manifested in each of our students that we send forth into society. We emphasize the need for students to take responsibility for their life choices and exercise the liberties they have been afforded in becoming citizens of Franklin County and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Crossing the threshold of Franklin County Career Technical Center usually, is met with a sense of awe by our visitors. They are amazed the facility is a part of the public school system. Entering into the labs and classrooms, they are quickly overcome with the real-life implications that await the students who pursue the career pathways found inside. The technical equipment and the rigorous curriculum help to create an atmosphere of hope for every student wanting to find their purpose in life. We have but one chance as they mature to afford them the very best we have to offer to aid their transition into adulthood. We are focused on “Giving Direction and Building Futures”.



James Hardin


Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

FCCTC strives to Give Direction to every student every day resulting in Building Futures of hope and promise in every family served by our school.

Vision Statement

Giving Direction; Building Futures