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WHHS Academic Team Finishes Regular Season UNDEFEATED!!!

Hills won every combined round of play other than social studies, including  impressive performances by the following players:

On written tests, Lukas Negron had a perfect 20/20 on his math test. His teammates also excelled, including Ahmad Ateyeh (19), Diksha Satish (17), Dakota Whitehead (17), Gabe True (17), and Amanda Jones (15).

Dhruv Kothari  was the top scorer in science.

Theresa Jaminet was the top scorer in all three areas in which she played—language arts, social studies, and humanities. 

In quick recall play, Ahmad Ateyeh led the team with 10 correct in math, followed by Hasitha Ramisetti with 9 right in science.  Theresa Jaminet scored 6 points in both language arts and humanities, while Gabe True was Hills’ top player in social studies.

Western Hills’ undefeated season makes the team the #1 seed heading into the Commonwealth Academic League tournament in December.