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EMS Jumpstart Camp Scheduled
Incoming 6th graders to Elkhorn Middle are invited to attend our annual Jumpstart Camp. The program is designed to help students make a smooth transition from elementary to middle school.  The camp will run July 27th-31st, from 8:30am-noon. Transportation can be provided. There is no cost. Please see the attached forms. /uploads/05F38EFC-E3CC-4B40-9ECE-5D01F3C4F28E/AUP Signature form - 2012-13.pdf   /uploads/05F38EFC-E3CC-4B40-9ECE-5D01F3C4F28E/2015 Jumpstart Application.pdf 
2015-16 FCHS Registration and Freshmen Orientation

FCHS Registration for the 2015-16 School Year will take place on Monday, July 27 and Tuesday, July 28, 2015 from 11am to 6pm in the school cafeteria. All returning students and incoming freshmen from the district should come to register on one of these days.

Freshman Orientation will take place on Tuesday, July 28th. It will start at 8:30am and end at 11:30am.  

Registration Information

Attention : 6TH Grade Students & Parents To enter 6th grade, your child MUST have a current 6th grade “Kentucky State School Physical” and a valid up-to-date “Immunization Certificate in a Kentucky form.” These certificates must be completed and signed by a physician or Health Department official. Below are the MANDATORY immunization and health related requirements that must be met PRIOR TO THE 1ST DAY OF SIXTH GRADE ENTRY according to state law KRS 241.034. IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS FOR SIXTH GRADE For sixth grade entry, age eleven (11) or twelve (12) years or older a child shall have received: (a) One (1) dose of Tdap if it has been at least two (2) years since the administration of the last dose of tetanus-containing vaccine; (b) Two (2) doses of varicella, unless a healthcare provider states that the child has had a diagnosis of typical varicella disease or verification of a history of varicella disease by a healthcare provider or a diagnosis or herpes zoster disease or verification of a history of herpes zoster disease by a healthcare provider; (c) One (1) dose of MCV or MPSV (meningococcal vaccine)
PHYSICAL EXAM REQUIREMENTS A Kentucky Preventative Health Care Examination Form is required for all students entering 6th grade. This exam may be completed up to one (1) year prior to entry into 6th grade. Please send a copy of your student’s updated Immunization Record and 6yh Grade Physical the first week of school if possible. They may be returned to the Advisory Teacher or to the Front Office. We will be updating student files within the first 30 days of school and will need these records.  

Open House and Registration
Open House and Registration for all returning students and incoming 6th graders from Peaks Mill, Elkhorn Elementary and Hearn. 7th and 8th grade will be July 29th 5:30-7:00 6th grade will be July 30th 5:30-7:00 Open Enrollment for new students to our district will be July 20th -23rd from 9-2. Please bring proof of residency and birth certificate with you. Contact Brandy Clay with questions.  
Start and End Times
Doors open in the morning at 8:00.  Classes begin at 8:40. 
Classes dismiss at 3:20 in 3 waves.  Waves 1&2 are busses.  Wave 3 is walkers and car riders.  Parents who are picking up students should park in a spot rather than along the sidewalk.
Afternoon Dismissal Reminders
*please be cautious and attentive when driving through the parking lot.
*adhere to the posted speed limit
*please be courteous and yield to the students crossing the cross walk.
*please park in a parking spot in lieu of parking in the road next to the curb. Drivers may not be able to see a student trying to cross if they are hidden by a vehicle parked at the curb.

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