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Cross Country Starts
Cross Country practice will start July 21, 6:30 at Lakeview Park Pavilion? Please bring a current sports physical to participate. 

ATTENTION: 6th Grade Students & Parents

Physicals and Proof of Immunization for 6th Graders
To enter 6th grade, your child MUST have a current 6th grade “Kentucky State School Physical” and a valid up-to-date “Immunization Certificate in a Kentucky form.” These certificates must be completed and signed by a physician or Health Department official. If your child is currently up-to-date, a 6th grade school physical and a Tetanus (Td) booster may be all that is needed.
Please send a copy of your student’s updated Immunization Record and 6th Grade Physical the first week of school if possible. They may be returned to the Advisory Teacher or to the Front Office. We will be updating student files within the first 30 days of school and will need these records.
Thank you.
Important Summer Dates
New Student Enrollment: July 14-16 9:00-2:00
Jump Start: July 21-25
7th/8th Grade Open House: July 30th 5:00-7:00
6th Grade Open House: July 31st 5:00-7:00
New Attendance Policy
  1. Your child will be marked as unexcused until a parent note or doctor’s note has been turned into our office.

2. You can have a parent note or doctor’s note for the first 10 absences. After that, all absences must have a doctor’s note in order to be excused.

3. You have 5 days from your absent date to turn your excuse in or it will be counted as unexcused.

4. Please fill out checkout form completely or it will be unexcused.

Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation.  

2014-2015 WELK News Team
Congratulations to the 2014-2015 WELK News Team!

· Bennett Tate

· Tre Taylor

· Parks Mason

· Mason Parritt

· Racheal Coleman

· Denigh Elizabeth

· Jessie Thurman

· Sydney Mefford

· Olivia Hagg

· Caitlyn Barnes

· Sasha Sairajeev

· Wyatt Flick

· Haley Morrow

· Cameron Smith

· Noah Lyles

· Christian Vanover

· Branden Semones

· Jai Ealy

· Grayson Thurman

· Reagan Toothaker

· Faith Lewis

· Editor – Allen Slaughter  

Start and End Times
Doors open in the morning at 8:00.  Classes begin at 8:40. 
Classes dismiss at 3:20 in 3 waves.  Waves 1&2 are busses.  Wave 3 is walkers and car riders.  Parents who are picking up students should park in a spot rather than along the sidewalk.
Twitter with EMS
  Twitter with EMS
See the link on the right side of this page near the bottom.
Thanks Mr. Faris
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EMS Vision


Parents of EMS Walkers and Car Riders,

 First, let me thank all of you for your patience and willingness to work with us as we alter our dismissal procedures.  I wanted to take a moment to explain the reasoning behind some of the changes and also to let you know what our procedures will be for the remainder of the year. 

 We moved our walkers and car riders to wave three because of a supervision need within the building.  This is difficult for parents to see because they are not in the building but when students are dismissed, they need supervision.  We only have a certain number of teachers available to be in multiple places, so the best possible place for our students is in the regular classroom with their teacher.  They will remain with their last period teacher until 3:35 pm when they are dismissed.  Please plan your arrival to EMS according to this time.  Backups and delays occur when there are many people in the parking lot waiting at once. 

 We all realize that the design of our parking lot is not ideal for the dismissal of 200+ students at one time.  Unfortunately, we must deal with what we have.  The safety concerns have come from students crossing the parking lot to get to cars parked on the other side as well as three cars lined up in what is meant to be a parking spot and a travel lane.  For this reason we will no longer permit parking on the sides of the lot designated for driving at any time.  There are three visitor spots in front of EMS to be used during the day for quick access and there are plenty of parking spaces throughout the rest of the lot at any time during the day. 

 Beginning Monday September 9th, no parking will be permitted on either side of the lot.  Any car coming into EMS will be asked to park unless simply slowing down to pick up a student waiting on their ride.  There will be two crosswalks painted for students to use in front of the main entrance and in front of the gym entrance.  These crosswalks will be monitored by a teacher on duty who will stop traffic to allow students to cross.  Once students are in the middle they will use the sidewalk to find their car and get in with no other need to cross traffic.  Once all cars are parked and students begin using the crosswalks normal traffic laws and regulations will be in force.  Also, please know that these changes will not affect morning drop-off procedures.  Thank you all for your continued support.    



 Willie Bartley

Principal – EMS 

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Elkhorn Middle School
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