ELV Mission Statement

Educate and empower through exploration to develop
Lifelong learners who become the
Voice of the future
Early Learning Village School Pledge

We promise to work and do our best
We promise to share and care for our friends
We will learn all we can every day
Writing at ELV

English Lanugage Arts (ELA) common core state standards support 3 types of published writing pieces, narrative writing, informative writing and opinion writing.

Students at ELV write everyday in one of these three
modes. There are so many great ways to help with this type of writing at home
by having great discussions with your child!

Narrrative- students are expected to link actual or
fictional events in which they occurred. A good way for you to help is to talk
about things you have done together, or pull out the photo album select a
single event and discuss it. Ask your child what happened first, next and last.
Also, have them share how they felt about the event. These events should be
small moments rather than the events in an entire day.

Opinion- when choosing a bedtime book, restaurant or
clothing for the next day let them share their opinion about it. Allow them to
also share WHY they have that opinion. "Because" is a good linking
word to use in providing reasons for having that opinion.

Informational- this type of writing is nonfiction and
includes sharing facts about something or sharing how to do something.

Pebblego.com is a great nonfiction database for you use.
(Please contact the school librarian, christa.hockensmith@franklin.kyschools.us, or your child's teacher to access the user name and password. I am unable to post that information on a public webpage.)
 Let your child select something they want to learn about and share the information with you. Student choice is so important! Encourage them to ask questions about topics they are interested in then assist them in searching for answers on Pebblego. com.

Great writing begins with great discussions, let your
child know they have great things to say!


The Early Learning Village collected $549.84 for the March of Dimes. J

 Mrs. Adams’ class came in first by bringing in $103.18.  Ms. Nicholson’s class was very close…they brought in $102.69!!

Spirit Days at ELV

1. February 6th (5th for
preschool)- Crazy Hair Day

2. March 6th (5th for
preschool)- Crazy Green Day

3. April 3rd (April 2nd for
preschool)- Farmer Day

4. May 8th (May 7th for preschool)- Beach Theme day


 Beginning Tuesday, September 2nd

Please remain in your vehicle and your child will be brought to you in the car rider line.

  • You will not be allowed to check out your child from the main office between 2:20-2:50p.m. unless there is an emergency which is approved by the principal.
  • You will not be allowed to park your car and come into the main office to pick up your child.
  • You will not be allowed to walk to your child's classroom to pick up him/her. 

This procedure is in place for the safety of all students.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Mr. Murphy, Principal


Helping Your Child Become a Better Reader!
Early exposure to reading comprehension questions and story details will help strengthen your student's ability to process what they read. They will become better readers as they continue to connect what they read to what they already know.

Teacher Certifications

Title I: Directions for
Requesting your Child’s Teacher’s Certifications


Download Title:  
Date Expires:     (mm/dd/yyyy format)

ELV's 5 Step Positive Behavior Plan


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Doors Open- 7:15
Instruction Begins- 7:40
School Day Ends- 2:30

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Fax Number: (502) 352-2586

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