Collins Lane Elementary Mission Statement-

Activating a student-driven environment
Building thinkers in the classroom community
Leading students to unfold their potential with high expectations
Encouraging resilience and growth at all levels

What's Happening at CLE?
KPREP Awards Celebration
Join us at 1:30pm on November 20th for our annual KPREP awards ceremony.  Should be the biggest yet since we are now Distinguished! 
ARGH! Matey!
Join us November 12th from 5:30-7 for Pirate Fun Math Night!  Dinner provided. 
When a D is Great.......
Many times we think that a D is a bad thing, like when we see it on a report card.  According to the school report card, it is a great thing.  This D stands for Distinguished, which is the highest level of recognition from the state in regards to assessment.  Collins Lane is a distinguished school and maintains the number one status spot in Franklin County.  We are so very proud of our Collins Lane Cougars! 
Teacher of the Month
Congratulations to Erin Harrell, our newest Teacher of the Month!