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STEM in Franklin County Public Schools

Our district is developing a P-12 STEM Pipeline allowing students to experience hands-on projects throughout their entire educational career in Franklin County.

Mission Statement: Uniting Common Core to Create 21st Learners
What is a STEM education Worth?
Considering the financial expense and time required to pursue higher education, does earning a degree in a STEM field pay off in the long term? Here we look at the correlation between degree credentials and earnings potential. 
KY School for Entrepreneurs

Thirty years ago, Kentucky created the Governor's Scholars Program. Twenty-six years ago, the Governor's School for the Arts. Now, the Governor's School for Entrepreneurs.

The idea for this new summer program is the same as with the other two: identify high-potential high school students and bring them together to boost both their development and Kentucky's future.

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STEM Interest on Rise Among High Schoolers
High school students are increasingly interested in pursuing STEM majors and careers, a new report finds, with about 1 in 4 now stating such an inclination. But a longstanding gender gap is widening, the data show, with fewer females than males signaling STEM interest.
A Letter on STEM to Parents!
On the morning of Thursday, December 6th, CSPC released "A Letter on STEM Education for America's Parents" at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) to an audience of STEM education professionals, community leaders, and policymakers. The panel discussion was co-chaired by the Honorable NormAugustine, former Senator Bill Brock and former Governor Roy Romer and moderated by Dr. Shirley Malcom, the Head of the Directorate for Education and Human Resources Programs at AAAS. 
Which college majors pay?

It's no surprise that a college major could determine whether you're rolling in cash or cobbling together multiple part-time jobs after graduation.

But which degrees really rake in the dough? And which doom you to eating ramen noodles for years?

A new survey found -- surprise! -- that science, technology, engineering and mathematics majors earn the highest starting salaries, handily beating their classmates studying liberal arts. In some cases, so-called stem majors are approaching or even outpacing those with business degrees.

The Best Paying Jobs
Higher education is one of the most effective ways job seekers can invest in their careers and have a positive effect on their job searches. According to a CareerBuilder survey, nearly one in five employers (18 percent) reported that their educational requirements for jobs in their organizations increased over the last five years. Not only does education increase the amount of opportunities available, it also significantly boosts earning potential. 
As the nation embarks on a new school year, education leaders from President Obama on down are facing a renewed commitment to the STEM subjects -- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics -- as a driver of innovation. And what better advertisement of the power of STEM education than the recent landing of the Mars Rover? Like the original Apollo missions to the Moon, they powerfully reveal the magic of science and engineering. 
The "E" in STEM
When it comes to “STEM”, many people have a strong sense of what the “M” and the “S” represent in the context of K-12 education. However, there is less understanding, and often confusion, about what is meant by the “E” and the “T” in K-12 education. 
The State of STEM and Jobs
A year ago, U.S.News & World Report launched a special project to examine the problem of why, at a time of high unemployment, there are so many jobs going unfilled. The answer: American workers lack the necessary skills for those jobs. We came to summarize this as the STEM problem and called our project “STEM Solutions.” STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, and it is the lack of skills in those subject areas that is behind many of the nation’s vacant jobs today—and the prospect of considerably more in the next few years. 

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