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Music Product #1

Brenna Jackson - Original Music Product #1 Process:

Title:  Drizzle
Composer:  Brenna Jackson - 4th Grade
Music Type:  Composed
1.  I stayed after school with my librarian, Ms. Holmes.  I brainstormed my theme and chose the theme "lily pond". 
2.  I played around on the piano for my mom and mamaw while they came up with ideas for what to call my music. Then I made a brainstorm chart of names and chose the name I liked best.  I chose  "Drizzle" because I thought a drizzle would sound nice on a lily pond.
 3.  Then, I met up my music teacher, Mrs. Jackson. She helped advise my music and helped me to determine my ABA structure.
 4.  I wrote my musical notation on scale paper.
5.  I used Finale NotePad 2012 to digitize my music and put it on professional sheet music. Then to put my music in Finale, I had to enter the title for my piece.  I also had to enter my name as composer and also chose portrait over landscape and hit "Next" on the screen.  On the next screen, I chose "Blank Staff" and clicked "Add" then hit "Next" on the screen.  I selected 4/4 time signature and selected C major.  At this point, I counted my measures that I needed.  I then entered that number and clicked "Finish" on the screen.  Then, I added symbols such as rests and notes to the staff to mark the keys needed.  I played back the music as new measures were added to see if adjustments were needed. In the end, I changed the last note from an A to the high C. Once I was happy, I saved the file and printed to the PDF.  I saved all materials to a flashdrive and submitted to my STLP coordinator. 
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