Caleb David - STLP Multimedia Product #2 Process:
Theme Process:
I decided on the theme of cyberbullying after my first theme did not turn out as planned. After learning about bullying at school, I decided to change my theme to cyberbullying.
Technical Process:
1.  Research Cyberbullying Online And Using Books
2.  Write Script For My Multimedia Video Product
3.  Record Video Portion Of Multimedia Product Using A Sony Handycam Camcordor And Bluetooth Mic
4. Upload Video Portion Of Multimedia Product To Computer And Convert To WMV Files
8. Open Cyberlink PowerDirector 13 Software
9. Import Video Files Into Cyberlink PowerDirector 13
10.Take Photos For Project Using Apple iPad
11.Upload Photos From iPad To Computer 
11.Import Photo Files Into Cyberlink PowerDirector 13
12.Create Animation Of Gizmo Robot Using Crazy Talk Software
13.Save Animation File To Computer
14.Import Animation File Into Cyberlink PowerDirector 13
15.Organize Files Into The Correct Order On The Video Software Timeline
16.Use Headphones With Mic To Record Voice Over For The Picture Portion Of The Video
17.Use IntroMate iPad App To Create Title Intro
18.Change Colors And Font On IntroMate iPad App In Order To Make It Like I Wanted It To Look 
19.Export IntroMate Intro
20.Connect iPad To Computer
20.Upload IntroMate Intro To Computer
21.Import IntroMate Intro Into Cyberlink PowerDirector 13
22.Add Intro To Timeline In Cyberlink PowerDirector 13 
23.Create Animated Transitions Using Hue Animation Software And Letter Tiles
24.Save Animation Files In Quick Time Format To Computer
25.Import Animation Files Into Cyberlink PowerDirector 13
26.Add Animation Files To Video Timeline 
27.Trim All Video Elements
28.Add Text Over Pictures And Videos 
29.Select Music From Incompetech.Com
30.Download Music From Incompetech.Com
31.Add Credits To Video File
32.Save Video File
33.Produce Video In AVI Format
34.Upload Video File To YouTube
35.Embed Video File To Website For Competition
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