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The following definition of literacy is used by the state of Kentucky to guide its work in improving literacy instruction and assessment. 

Literacy includes reading, writing, and the creative and analytical acts involved in producing and comprehending text."  --Kentucky Literacy Partnership (2002)
It is the mission of Franklin County Public Schools to make certain that each student has equal access to a quality literacy education.
The following resources are designed to help administrators, teachers, parents and students understand literacy and better incorporate it into classroom instruction.
Literacy is the "foundation on which academic learning and student performance depends"
(Metzler and Ziemba, 2006).
Start with the Standards
When determining how to best integrate literacy within classroom teaching and learning, it is best to start with the standards.  What are the standards for your grade and content area?  The links below provide the latest information on standards development and implementation.

Kentucky Core Academic Standards (Comprehensive)
This document provides teachers with the current academic standards for their grade(s) and discipline(s).

Literacy Links
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