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Gmail Overview

Gmail Migration

Things to Know (updated 3/22/18)

  1. Your email address will not change
  2. Your password will not change 
  3. Email changeover is scheduled for 4/19/18 
  4. Any emails in your Inbox, subfolders and Sent Items will be migrated.
    Deleted items will be synched at a later time. Remember, in Gmail, deleted items only last for 30 days, so filing or Archiving email in Gmail will be the way to save emails instead of Deleting them.
  5. Contacts will be migrated. Personal Distribution groups that you have will not.
  6. All Calendar events will migrate.
  7. Data will migrate in stages or waves. If you login to Gmail to learn the new system, you will see different amounts of data between March 26th and April 20th, when we go live. That is normal. All data will be synched after 4/19/18, and it may take a few days before evert single email is migrated.
  8. Continute cleaning up emails until March 12
  9. FCS Distribution lists will be migrated for us. Ex: "Franklin Co School Tech. Coord.", "Franklin Co Teachers Bridgeport Elem" and "Franklin Co Media Specialists"
  10.  Messages will be posted on the district website and social media about the email changes and possibility of downtime on April 20th.

Staff can login to Gmail now (as of Feb 28) with the current password. You can SEND from there, but you CANNOT RECEIVE. SO, if you are so inclined, you may login to Gmail to take a look. You will only have 2 email messages. You can send yourself an email, and it will be delivered to the Office 365 (current) malbox, as well as the Gmail Inbox.

Students do not have access to Gmail at this time.


Email Cleanup Tips

1. Delete any emails and folders that you no longer need/have to have.
2. Empty the Deleted items folder of unwanted items.
3. Resources: Video – how to delete multiple emails in Outlook: https://youtu.be/IqGYAMTWG8A
Video – how to sort messages in Outlook: https://youtu.be/Mf2FgyZaDkg



Gmail App on Smartphones

The Gmail app will allow you to open as many different accounts as you like. You can add an additional account in the Gmail app and then select which account to use.
  • Open the Gmail app
  • Click the bars on the top left
    Gmail app header
  • By your account name click the little down arrow
    Gmail app account list
  • Choose Manage accounts
  • Then click Add account and add your FCS email account
  • Once that is done, any time you want to change which account you are using, simply click the bars and then using the drop down list  choose the one you want. You will also see account pictures if you have those setup.
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