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IRS 1095 FORM 

Form 1095 is a Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act information reporting form, required by the IRS for the tax year 2015 and beyond. All employers are required to provide this form to its employees. The Franklin County Public School District will mail a 1095 form to all employees.
What do I do with the form?
Employees should keep 1095 forms with their other tax documents. The form does not have filed with the income tax return, but does need to be kept as backup documentation.  
Do I put any of this information on my 2015 income tax return?
Employees must indicate whether or not they had medical coverage during 2015 on their income tax return.  
Does this mean I have to wait until I receive the 1095 form to file a tax return?
No. When completing their returns, employees may rely on information they have already received from their employer or insurer outlining whether they were enrolled in employer-sponsored coverage during 2015.  
Employment Application
Click this link: School Recruiter/TalentEd to be taken to our online Application Center.

To complete your application you must also submit the following:

  1. A copy of your statement of eligibility or MAT letter.
  2. A copy of your college transcripts and praxis scores.
  3. Three reference letters – When filling out the online application, please provide the email address for your references because we will send them a reference form to complete. We like to use this form because it gives us the most accurate indication of where your strengths and abilities would best serve our needs. We are particularly interested in receiving references from those who have actually observed you in the classroom such as intern supervisors, principals, and/or university directors of education. You may attach any references letters that you have as well.
The teacher search:
Hiring regulations stipulate that teaching positions must first be filled by fully certified or soon to be certified (SOE, MAT) applicants. A non-certified person, or emergency certified person, can only be considered if there are no fully certified applicants available.
If you have questions about the certification process, contact Holly Adkins at or call EPSB at 502-564-4606.


When should I apply?
Sooner is better. Those who start sending us their applications in the spring for the upcoming summer search place themselves in the most advantageous position.

Do I apply directly to the school?
No. Submit your application online to Central Office. That way, your name is available to all principals in the district, not just that one.

Do I need to notify you if additional positions open up?
No. If you qualify for a particular area, you will be considered whenever an opening in that area occurs.

Should I call the principal?
You may mail a resume or leave your name and number with a school secretary to express your interest. Most principals won’t have the time to return individual calls.  If you submit your application to Central Office the principal will see it; if they’re interested they will call you.

Is a resume enough?
No. To be seriously considered for a position, you must complete a full application and submit it to Central Office.

When can I expect an interview?
Due to the large volume of applications we receive, we can’t guarantee an interview to every single applicant. The sooner you submit your application the better your odds of being called.
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